Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Virtual high school vs. regular high school?

Are virtual high school diploma's accepted as an equivalent to a regular high school diploma? I know there are some virtual schools that are not legit and only make you take a test to get your so called diploma. What is the most reputable online high school(s) one that you must actually complete classes to graduate? I would not want apply to a job only to find out that my diploma is frowned upon.

Here is one that looks legit to me www.pennfoster.com

Virtual high school vs. regular high school?

You are very smart for recognizing that not all Virtual High Schools are legit. The good news is that a diploma from a legitimate Virtual High School is worth every bit as much as a diploma from a "brick and mortar" high school.

Reputable Virtual High Schools are not hard to find if you know what you're looking for. Schools that give valid degrees are going to be accredited by a regional association of schools and colleges. There are six of these regional accreditation bodies, and they all require rigorous documentation for a Virtual High School to receive accreditation.

I found a list that shows 8 of the regionally accredited virtual high schools, and Penn Foster was included on the list; it is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Check out this list from about.com for more information: http://distancelearn.about.com/od/virtua...

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